Social Responsibility

Environment Friendly

We are one of the rare companies where we take immense care in regard with our duty towards the environment. We can humbly yet proudly say that in the manufacturing process there is no wastage or any residue that is released in the environment that is harmful to the nature as each and every particle of the product is further utilized. The remains after the manufacturing of the corn product are then packed and sold at low cost as the cattle feed. Even the tiniest unused part of the seed is utilized in this manner. As we believe that we owe to the environment and we ought to be supportive and not destructive by any means. Optimum use of natural resources is our motto without harming the environment.

Safety Measures:

We take special care of our employees by taking international safety measures where in special training is provided to our employees time to time. Safety Audits are performed once or twice every year to create awareness among our employees.